prtnbox - Faqs

What’s in each box?

You can expect a mix of sample and full size protein bars, chips, powders, (RTD) drinks, jerky, nut bars, butters, gym gear, supplements and more!

When will I be charged?

You will be charged immediately after your order, and again on the 15th of every month for all subsequent boxes and subscriptions.

When will I receive my box?

If you order your prtn box before 11:59PM on the 4th of the month, you will receive that month’s box, as we will be shipping between the 11th and the 19th of that month. For example, an order placed on April 1st will be shipped between April 11th and 19th. An order placed on April 5th will be shipped between May 11th and 19th. All boxes take 5-10 business days to arrive depending on your location in the U.S.

Can I cancel anytime? What about returns?

Yes! You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime you’d like! Shoot us an email if you need help :).

We do not accept returns after the box has been delivered. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, please email us, though we do not guarantee a refund from the start. You must cancel before the reccurring subscription is charged to your account in order to cancel the next month's box.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but we are working on getting the cheapest rates possible for our protein lovers on the far side of the world :).